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The Wine

The Prisoner was created and inspired by the drinkable “mixed blacks” first made by the Italian immigrants who originally settled in the Napa Valley. In 2003 The Prisoner was launched and soon became the most recognized innovative and unique Napa Valley Red Wine blend, leading the resurgence of blends by incorporating Zinfandel with the unlikely “mix” of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petite Sirah, and Charbono.

The wine is a blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petite Sirah and Charbono. The wine features enticing aromas of bing cherry, espresso, and roasted fig. Persistent flavors of ripe raspberry, pomegranate and wild berry linger harmoniously for a smooth and luscious finish.

NEW 92 Point WA Rating on 2013 (PDF)


The Vineyards

To make The Prisoner, we acquire grapes from more than 80 vineyards throughout Napa Valley's premier wine-growing region. Jen Beloz, winemaker, spends much of her time collaborating with our family of growers, visiting each of their vineyard sites and carefully assessing the style and quality of each lot to make the best possible wine from that vintage.

“Our growers are our extended family. We
couldn't make this wine without them.”
—Jen Beloz, Winemaker

Solari — Calistoga

Bruno Solari and his four siblings, Giulia, Diana, Tony and Kelley are 3rd generation farmers in Calistoga. The Solaris farm with old school sensibilities and new school techniques. We have been fortunate enough to purchase Zinfandel for The Prisoner from this vineyard since 2005. It produces small yet immensely flavored berries.

Tofanelli — Calistoga

Just south of Calistoga resides Tofanelli Vineyard, a gem of the Napa Valley. Sebastian and Irene DiGiulio planted these head-trained Zinfandel vines in the 1930’s and Charbono in the late 1950’s, now tended to by their daughter, Pauline DiGiulio Tofanelli, and her two children, Vince and Norma. Vince has farmed these vines his entire life and adheres to the highest standards taught to him by his parents and his grandparents. Tofanelli has been part of our family of growers since 2004.

Korte Ranch — St. Helena

Owned by Jack and Kathy Pagendarm, this vineyard has been part of their family for over 100 years and is situated in the heart of St. Helena. Kathy is known for her daily ritual of walking the length of the vineyard and caring for the vines. We have sourced fruit from this special vineyard since 2005.

Tiedemann — Yountville

Planted and farmed by Larry Bettinelli, with his father-in-law, Irv Tiedemann, in the 1970's. To keeping the family tradition alive, he now farms the land with his son, Giancarlo Bettinelli (shown to the right) and his son-in-law Paul Goldberg. Working one-on-one with this family business has been a truly special experience. The vineyard is a perfect showcase of both head trained and wire-trained Zinfandel, and has been in our family of growers since 2004.


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